6 Years of SpedV

Santa Claus is coming to town …

According to this motto we will organize another convoy this year!

This time, we will drive through the companies and streets of America! To be more precise, we’ll be going through Utah and a little bit of Arizona.
You can expect a diverse route and a lot of fun! The convoy will drive about 766 miles (~ 1233km) and is accompanied by the ConSec – Convoy-Security.

It would be very nice if you travel with a cargo from start to finish (maybe there is even a bonus?)!

Here are the most important information:

Date: Decembre 5th 2020
Start time: 19:00 UTC (meeting 1 hour early)
Server: Eventserver (if there is none then Europe Simulation)
Start: Salt Lake City*
Pause: not applicable
Destination: Cedar City – Global Mills
TeamSpeak: ts.sped-v.de
Registration for organization (please enter only one from the company!): *click*

The following rules are binding for the convoy: *click*
It would be particularly appropriate if you were part of the convoy in a christmas paint scheme!

*There are 4 different starting points in Salt Lake City. These will be announced here on November 30th 2020 if we do not receive an event server!

The SpedV-Team is looking forward to YOUR participation!

Best regards

TeSa, Community Manager

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