• You want to contribute your expertise to a fun team that doesn’t take itself too seriously?
  • You have no desire for rigid hierarchies, but above all want to work with others?

That’s nice! If the following also applies to you, it’s perfect:

  1. You are at least 16 years old and have been a SpedV user for 12 months.
  2. You have a good knowledge of the German language and grammar. 
    (You understand the core messages of demanding texts on abstract topics)
  3. You have good school English. 
  4. You have a good headset and have Teamspeak 3 and Discord (or have no problem installing it).
  5. You already use Telegram (or have no problem installing it).
  6. You are friendly and confident and have no problem with changing challenges.

If you feel called to one of the positions listed here, we look forward to receiving a detailed and formal application by software ticket.


Do you want to help other SpedV users with the installation and operation of the software?

You start with us as a trainee so that we can get to know each other. After a short internship phase (2-6 weeks), you will become a technical supporter. With good leadership, a promotion to “full-fledged” supporter is possible.

Before this is too dry: In the team, everyone has the same opportunity to contribute!


  • You have experience in developing with .NET framework, WPF, Android or PWA apps?
  • Or can you think of something completely different that you could contribute developmentally?

We would like to constantly expand our offer and are therefore looking for developers!


  • You know German and another language?

We would like to constantly expand our language services and are therefore looking for translators!