SpedV Plus

SpedV Plus

We introduce SpedV Plus – the new way of supporting us and get something for it!

What is the advantage of SpedV Plus?

  • CSV and JSON export of bank transfers and orders
  • Windows notifications for submitted/settled orders, as well as an applet for Logitech Keyboards with display (G15/G510/G19/…)
  • Twitch integration, which lets you show your chat and viewers right in the program (not available in Windows 7)
  • Use the TCP or REST API to develop your own programs or to use third-party programs
  • SpedV Overlay in ETS2/ATS (currently in Alpha)
  • SpedV Compact (not yet available)
  • remote control of the client via an app (not yet available)
  • and above all: the good feeling to support us in the development.

How much does SpedV Plus cost? 5 € per month – or 50 € per year.

Is this a subscription? No – you just pay and the time will be added to your account. Once the time is up, the account automatically becomes a standard account again.

Do I have to purchase SpedV Plus to continue using SpedV? No. If you don’t need the features above, you can still use SpedV for free.

What are you doing with the money? First, we have server costs that need to be covered. We hope to be able to rent larger servers with the money and to have greater planning security. Secondly, certain features also cost money, which has so far mainly been covered by donations, but partly also financed by the team itself. Finally, there is money needed for the development so that I (Nico) can continue to focus on it and not be deterred by other jobs that I would otherwise have to accept.

I donated in the past, is this somehow credited? For larger donations (over 10 Euro) we will credit you with one SpedV Plus per donated 10 €. Please come in the support.

Will this be Pay2Win now? No. SpedV-Plus users have no advantage in the internal economic system, only functions are released, which are not necessarily essential for the use of the software.

Convinced? Then you can upgrade your account right here!