Here is a small summary of the guidelines. Valid, however, are only the german guidelines/terms and conditions on the appropriate page.

1. Maximum price per km in the ETS: greater or equal 150 €/km, per mile in the ATS: greater or equal 300 $/mi, penalty for exceeding: 40% of the freight value.
1.1. In Real Eco mode, the maximum costs in ETS are greater or equal 4 € / km, in the ATS greater or equal 8 $ / mi., with further information about the Real Eco mode.
2. Mods are allowed under restrictions, mods that change freight costs, ferry costs or fuel costs are not allowed.
3. Friendly interaction in the community is mandatory.
3.1 Double accounts are allowed, as long as not being abused.
3.2 Accounts may not be shared.
3.3 The minimum wage is € 1,400/InGameMonth.
4. Support only via official support channels.
4.1 Violation of the support channels will be punished by Ban.
4.2 Information on the use of support (Auth-Code, Steam-ID, …)
5. Shipping companies and users can be deleted without warning in case of inactivity (3 months), policy violations or other reasons.
6. SpedV may contain bugs and errors, users are obliged to report them. Furthermore, only Windows 10 is officially supported.
7. Legal standard for data processing according to BDSG.
8. Policies are subject to change without notice.
9.1 Legal standard for the validity of the AGB.
9.2 Language of the contract is German
9.3 Exclusion of warranty
9.5 A donation / SpedV + does not contain any additional rights.

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