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Warehouse Network

The idea: a network of warehouses for Kontor journeys as consolidated transports from one corner of Europe to the other. Without great obligation as internal and external tender or as driver with rented truck of any brand. The concept should also work well with the new SpedV feature "Partnerships".
If you are interested please contact us here:

First Success:

We are co-operating with

  • aCargo-GmbH
  • Street Logistic

This results in 6 Warehouses at end of August 2020. Additional partners are welcome.

Kindly regards


More international and english or german speaking drivers and partners are needed....

Update: The network has now 4 companies with 7 warehouses and nearly 20 Trailers for the buld freight feature. And you can drive every truck with your own design or with a company branding.

Join us now.


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