1. Driving behaviour

1.1 Ramming, overtaking and unfounded honking are not permitted.
1.2 Rotating beacons are not allowed.
1.2.1 Excluded from this point are drivers of convoy protection.
1.3 All vehicles drive with running lights (low beam), even during the day.
1.4 A safety distance of 100-150 metres must be maintained.
1.5 If the convoy comes to a standstill, the hazard warning lights are activated.
1.6 The convoy organisers and the safety devices may drive in the opposite direction to the direction of travel.
1.7 The convoy protection indicates the route by blocking the incorrect routes.
1.8 The security vehicles must have “ConSec” or similar in their tag to be identified as such. The unauthorized use of the tag leads to consequences.

2. Speed

2.1 The speed is transmitted in TeamSpeak via whispering.
2.2 If possible, at least 60 km/h is driven on the motorway.
2.3 If there are bigger gaps (>500m), please close them with a maximum speed of 20 km/h higher than indicated.

Please note that due to the synchronization the speed is transmitted differently. Therefore, if possible, catch up with an appropriate speed in order not to have to brake abruptly and trigger an accordion.

3. Participation

3.1 Participation without a trailer is prohibited.
3.1.1 All types of double trailers (including HTC), triple trailer and heavy-duty trailers are prohibited.
3.1.2 Excluded from this point are drivers of convoy protection.
3.2 Participants will appear with a fully fuelled and repaired truck.
3.3 Please bring your own time, it would be nice if at least everyone would ride along until the break.
3.4 Please deactivate all random events or diversions. Please also deactivate all functions which could disturb the flow of the convoy

4. Toll-Booths

4.1 Toll booths have to be used as indicated by the convoy security, if no information is provided, use all existing passages.
4.2 The convoy order remains after a toll booth.

5. Start, Breaks and End

5.1 At the time of the start, everyone must be ready to leave.
5.2 Breaks are usually 15 minutes unless otherwise communicated.
5.3 Leave the high beam deactivated during the breaks/at the end.
5.4 Keep the flashing lights deactivated during the pauses/at the end.
5.5 Please do not honk the horn unnecessarily during the pause/end.
5.6 When you are standing, put the reverse gear out and turn off the engine.
5.7 At the end of the convoy and upon request of the organizer each participant is allowed to block the roads for the common final picture.

Changes are possible at any time!

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